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Leveling up legacy products: Making decisions in a world with tradeoffs

New York, NY

June 14, 2018

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Recent Issues

  • Tips & Tactics

Does your product team create too much documentation?

Jun. 20, 2018

When done in excess, documentation is costly. It not only drains time creating and maintaining something intended to change, it also interferes with the creation of a superior product. Documentation should be done at the beginning of a projects to codify goals, during a project, in the form of user stories, and at the end…

  • Tips & Tactics

A daily reminder for product managers

Jun. 13, 2018

The Director of Product and Revenue at Tinder emphasizes the need to listen to customers: not just by relying on charts and email reports, but by talking directly and honestly with actual users.


Ten traits of good product managers

Jun. 1, 2018

There are certain similarities in successful product people, generally related to soft skills. Most notably, PMs get results through other people.

  • Tips & Tactics

Eliminate these biases to make better product decisions

May. 25, 2018

We all suffer from a classic cognitive bias called functional fixedness. It’s when we think about using a known object only for the function it is traditionally used. Biases like functional fixedness hold us back from innovation and creativity. Here’s how to make better product decisions by protecting yourself against these biases.


How to be customer obsessed

May. 11, 2018

According to Bezos, customer obsession is not just listening to customers; it is about inventing on their behalf. Because of technology, customers today are more empowered, have more choices, and have higher expectations causing a shift in power from companies to customers. Without a profound understanding of what your customers want, it will become tough…


How organizations learn to get better at building products

May. 4, 2018

According to theory of bounded rationality, individuals seek good enough course of action instead of trying to maximize their benefit from a particular course of action. This happens because they cannot get access to all the required information to make optimal decisions, and if they could, their minds are bound by cognitive limits making it…


How to get a clearer product vision

Apr. 27, 2018

For some product managers, the thought of talking openly about the void left by a missing vision statement is paralyzing. But as a product leader gets more senior, the need to clearly define the product strategy only intensifies.

  • Tips & Tactics

How to get your team excited about product releases

Apr. 20, 2018

Shipping is one of the best aspects of product management. Make it fun and exciting for everyone and they’ll be more likely to help make the launch successful.

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