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Our 10 best product management articles

Jul. 21, 2017

Since launching in early 2017, Product Management Insider has quickly become one of the most popular communities and resources for industry professionals. The publication consists exclusively of contributed content from product practitioners, and has thus far featured more than 20 authors and 40 articles! Here’s our best 10.


Myths about product management

Jul. 14, 2017

One product expert dispels some of the most common misconceptions in product management. Read to find out whether (and to what extent) product managers need technical backgrounds, past experience, or domain expertise.


Killing bad product ideas

Jul. 7, 2017

When you look at your roadmap, how confident are you that the products and features on it will be successful? Furthermore, how confident are you that there aren’t better opportunities that you may be missing out on as a result of focusing only on what’s on your roadmap?


Embracing high-velocity product decision-making

Jun. 30, 2017

The power struggle between speed and quality is the core challenge for global organizations and product teams trying to adapt to rapidly changing markets. Business leaders weigh in on the best approaches to take.


What product managers should do about the competition

Jun. 23, 2017

When Facebook saw Snapchat chipping away at one of their key user segments, they decided to imitate Snapchat’s core features across their own product portfolio. Should you be doing the same?

  • Tips & Tactics

Your product is too easy to use, and that’s a problem

Jun. 16, 2017

The world misdiagnosed what made Snapchat so successful: their quirky user experience isn’t designed to keep you out — it’s designed for someone else to let you in. Here’s how you can apply the same principles to your product.


Why (seemingly) great product ideas fail, and what to do about it

Jun. 9, 2017

Much like building with blocks, product development has a handful of core principles that we violate at our own peril. The key difference, of course, is the tremendous cost of being wrong. By adhering to the following principles, you can quickly recognize when things are going astray, and, more importantly, get them back on track.


Build products the Amazon way

Jun. 2, 2017

Time and time again, we see Amazon products and services perform astonishingly well in a range of industries and markets. Product leaders routinely ask us about what makes Amazon so consistently innovative. It turns out, we don’t need to look too hard to find the answer.

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