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March 13, 2018

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Recent Issues

  • Tips & Tactics

Prioritizing feature development

Mar. 23, 2018

Many startups or product teams often struggle with the decision of which features to build and how to prioritize which to build first. Others often think they need to add more features to build better products, while sometimes the opposite would be more beneficial. Here’s a list of questions to answer before implementing new features.

  • Tips & Tactics

How to improve your product team’s culture

Mar. 16, 2018

Shipping great products is the goal of every Product Manager. No matter what company, you need to ship and you need to ship good stuff. But there is another thing Product Managers need to focus on. It is the focus on building a great team culture.


How to master a product management interview

Mar. 9, 2018

Landing your dream product management job is no easy task, even for top-performers. Just because you’re a successful Product Manager in your day-to-day job doesn’t mean you can automatically ace an interview. Look no further than the NBA Slam Dunk Contest to understand why.


Exclusive data on the state of product management in 2018

Mar. 2, 2018

Every year, we survey 150+ digital product managers to benchmark and highlight their activities, preferences, and perceptions. It’s been an honor to watch the industry blossom and see the role emerge as one of the hottest in business. Today, there are more conferences, resources, and tools than ever to support product management.

  • Tips & Tactics

Applying design thinking in product management

Feb. 23, 2018

You may not have heard of XO Group, but if you’re married or have friends who are, you’ve almost certainly come into contact with one of its brands. The company’s most renowned product, The Knot, is the leading wedding resource, app, and marketplace connecting couples to the right products, services, and local professionals needed to…

  • Leadership

How to win in the digital age

Feb. 16, 2018

Nearly every company is struggling to keep up in the digital age. 100+ year old companies such as General Electric and Citi are of course trying to catch up, but even Snapchat — a company that was itself disrupting media just a couple years ago — is now playing catch up as well. We went behind the scenes with…


The differences between B2B and B2C product management

Feb. 9, 2018

In the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number and quality of resources for technology product managers to learn from. Yet, the large majority of product management resources out there are heavily geared towards consumer technology. Here are best practices for enterprise products.

  • Tips & Tactics

You have to do this one thing to get better at product management

Feb. 2, 2018

There’s an awful lot written about creating good habits that you should check out, but to save you some time — start by making it as easy as possible to implement a retro. Don’t try to read the entire Agile Retrospective book and conduct a fishbone followed by the five Whys. Just do a one minute retro.

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